18 Nov 2019

Adam Douglas - Don't Want To Let Christmas Go

New Video launched last week featuring Adam Douglas, his band and Traces Gospel Choir singing background vocal. Traces is proud, and happy to be going out with this amazing, one of a kind singer,...
Happy Holidays
19 Dec 2017

Season's Greetings 2017!

Another year has passed, and nearing the end. It's been an eventful year for the choir, with new accomplishments. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who showed up for our...
27 Feb 2016

Excited for Our Makeda!

Vårt Land sier !Den eneste gode grunnen til å se kveldens Melodi Grand Prix-finale, heter Makeda. Låten hennes er feiende flott, og 23-åringen skinner uten staffasje og støy." Vi gleder oss! Les Mer...
09 Dec 2015

Seasons Greetings from Traces

Traces Gospel wishes alll of you a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year! Need some holiday cheer? Join us with Norwegian Gospel Voices at Fargerborg kirke for a fantastic and energetic Christmas...
07 Jun 2015

The wedding crashers!

The wedding went well! We were supposed to be a surprise, so we just sat in the rows with all the other guests. After the couple both had given their I do's, we suddenly started singin " Your love is...
05 Jun 2015

Love is in the air!

We are now getting ready to sing at a second wedding this semester. Earlier this spring we attended a wonderful wedding in Oslo, and tomorrow we will sing in a beautiful summer wedding. We are...
24 Jul 2014

New album in the works?

Traces has begun writing new songs for what will hopefully be a new album in 2015. Many of the songs on "Gratitude" were written by Traces' members and we want to keep that tradition. Stay tuned for...
22 Jul 2014

Traces has a new website

It's taken a while, but lots of work later ... finally back on the web! We have created a modern, functional website that we hope our listeners and members will be happy to use and visit again and...

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Traces Gospel Choir is a small women’s group with roots in many continents.

Traces is a diverse ensemble, with members of different musical backgrounds who sing gospel and positive secular music in Norway and the rest of the world. 

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