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Traces has a widely varied repertoire, ranging from Gospel to Secular music, R&B to Jazz.

Listen to complete songs from Traces Gospel Choir's album "Gratitude" for free. Find out the stories behind the music. All of these tracks were recorded at Urban Sound Studios with our band "Einstein", under the tutelage of Jock Loveband.


This version of the classic church is a re-arrangement by Tracee Lewis Meyn. The lead vocal is soulfully sung by Monica Lystad. The highlight is Paul Wagnberg's fantastic organ solo. Read the history of this traditional song here.


Listen to Amazing Grace

There are many many versions and arrangements of this traditional gospel song. This a capella arrangement is amalgamation of a lot of those versions, made to fit Traces. The soloists on this song are in order: Camilla Tømta (Traces alumni) Tezz Karlsen (Traces Alumni) Michelle Tisdel (Traces Alumni), Marianne Pentha (Traces Alumni) and Tracee Meyn.


Listen to Mary Don't You Weep

This wonderful track was written by Traces alumni Monica Ifejilika of Queendom and is beautifully sung by Maren Andreassen Lie.


Listen to Where Do You Go  

Traces Gospel Choir is a small women’s group with roots in many continents.

Traces is a diverse ensemble, with members of different musical backgrounds who sing gospel and positive secular music in Norway and the rest of the world. 

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