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Picture: the current members of Traces (2023)

Traces Gospel Choir is a small women’s group with roots in many continents. A diverse ensemble, with members of different musical backgrounds. Traces sing gospel and positive secular music, and is based in Oslo, Norway.

The history of Traces Gospel Choir

Traces Gospel Choir was founded in 2006 by Traces' choir leader Tracee Lewis Meyn. Tracee, originally from Los Angeles, California, moved to Norway in 1999. Although she found work as a singer and teacher, she wanted to feel more at home and have a consistent, familiar musical base. Gathering the best singers she knew, she started Traces in 2006.

Taking cues from urban contemporary gospel artists such as Kirk Franklin, Hezekiah Walker and The Clark Sisters, as well as traditional gospel artists like Mahalia Jackson, Traces began building their repertoire, including secular music with positive messages, as well as other material.

The choir's hallmark is a unique and organic blend of traditional African-American musical expression, R'nB, contemporary gospel, pop and rock.

The last 13 years

In 2010, after 3 years of success with their Gospel Brunch at the Rica Victoria Hotel, and participating in many events such as Norges TV Aksjon and the comedy hit "Litt av en Mann" with Norwegian comics Rune Andersen and Espen Beranek Holm, Traces members began writing material for their first album, "Gratitude".

The varied visions and song writing talents of the members led to a musically diverse and exciting album that touches on many different feelings and genres of music. Gratitude was released in December of 2011.

Traces has been a “way station” and nurturer  to many fantastic singing talents. Some of Traces alumni include Rikke Normann (MGP), Monica Ifejilika (Queendom) , Marianne Pentha (Jarle Bernhoft), Sivert Hoyem, The Voice), Camilla Tømta (The Argo) and Ingunn Dalland (Jarle Bernhoft, Noora Noor).

As Traces continues their journey and quest for excellence, we look forward to recording a new album and performing.


In addition to our own concerts and album, Traces have contributed to many other artists projects and concerts, including Karpe Diem, Rune Andersen  Espen Beranek Holm, Odd Børretzen, Wenche Myhre, Trine Rein & Ost & Kjex and Magnolia Jazz Band. We have also done events and shows such as Nasjonal Minneseremoni, Idrettsgala,  and TV aksjonen and Jazzaid.

Traces has performed in every type of event and venue. From stage shows, concerts and television programs to corporate events, weddings and private parties, you name it, they have done it. To get a taste of the kind of music Traces performs, go to our Music or Video sections. For booking inquiries and requests please use this form.

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Traces Gospel Choir is a small women’s group with roots in many continents.

Traces is a diverse ensemble, with members of different musical backgrounds who sing gospel and positive secular music in Norway and the rest of the world. 

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