Meet The Choir

Meet Traces Gospel Choir and our members. Tracess was founded in Oslo, 2006. We are a small women’s Gospel group with roots in many continents. A diverse ensemble, with different musical backgrounds that sings gospel, R&B, Jazz and positive secular music in Norway and the rest of the world.

The member of Traces all have unique voices that contribute to a full, authentic gospel sound, even though we are far away from U.S.

Get to know our members a little better by clicking on their names below.

The Choir

Trine-Line is from Oslo and spent her early years singing with the Norwegian girls' choir . She has... read more
Nanna is a 29 year old from Oslo, with west-african genes. With a family full of musicians and... read more
Gül Øzerk is from Oslo, with origins from Northern Cyprus . She has been interested in music, dance... read more
Monica Lystad lives in Lillestrøm and grew up in a musical family where singing and playing guitar was... read more
Makeda Dyhre is from Asker . She was born in Ethiopia; adopted and grew up in Norway. Music... read more
Maria Krogtoft Liholt is from Oslo. Maria was adopted from fra Sierra Leone. Maria has sung in choirs... read more
Mezzo soprano Siv Iren Misund finished her masters in performing arts at The Norwegian Academy of Music in... read more
Tracee Lewis Meyn, a native of Los Angeles, California, USA has sung with various groups, sang for film... read more
Ingrid Thomassen is originally from Alta. She has lived in Oslo for the last 24 years. Ingrid is... read more
Marte Ydstie lives in Asker and is an alto singer in Traces. She studied music theory and vocal... read more
Linn was born in Chicago but came over to Norway at the age of 7 where she grew... read more
Johanna grew up in Bærum, but is adopted from Colombia. She always enjoyed music, ever since she started... read more
Laetitia is a 31 year old singer and songwriter from Oslo's East Side. She has, from back to... read more
Jiah Mariz was born and raised in Oslo, Norway with roots from the Philippines. Growing up in a... read more

Traces Gospel Choir is a small women’s group with roots in many continents.

Traces is a diverse ensemble, with members of different musical backgrounds who sing gospel and positive secular music in Norway and the rest of the world. 

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